We were cleaning up the office today and we found ONE MORE pair of Garth Brooks tickets for the 7:30pm Saturday show in Edmonton!  Reminder – the show is sold out, there are no other ways to see this show.

You can win, what you cannot buy.

And while we could be greedy and keep those to ourselves, the boss insists one of you will get the joy of taking these tickets to the show.

Tune in with Pete Potipcoe Friday morning starting at 6am for your chance to win.  You should know, we’re not going to make it easy, but that will make the winning all the sweeter.

The Morning Show with Pete Potipcoe could be sending you to Garth Brooks .. Good luck!

Stage setup for the first Garth Brooks World Tour concert date, November 18th, 2014 at the Target Center in Minneapolis (Wikipedia)