Welcome to another addition of the Canadian Country Countdown with The Unbalanced Breakfast! Lots to cover on this weekend’s show, so let’s get started with recapping last week’s top three:


The Unbalanced Breakfast has got a bit of a reputation for asking unusual questions to artists, so when James Barker from the James Barker Band called the show, we threw him a curve ball and asked the most standard interview question ever. Their song ‘Just Sayin’ was song #11 on last week’s countdown, who knows where it’ll be this week!


This week’s Big Ginger Bus Throw is not just one artist, but tag team duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill! How it works is we play the best parts of a bunch of their songs, and then Kenny gets me to choose just one. That’s when the hate mail comes in for choosing the wrong song! We’ll give you the montage in a sec, but you can always let us know what artist you’d like to see by messaging us on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page!


Brad from Old Dominion joined us on the show to do the 2 Question Interview That Turns Into 3 Questions! Things got so spicy that we had to gently remind him about something he probably should have remembered…


We also speak with Jeff Foxworthy, talk about wood stoves, and check in with the Weekly Wisdom with the Corn Man! All of that and the hottest 20 Canadian country songs! We’d also love it if you checked out The Unbalanced Podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music! It comes out every Friday and is a collection of the best calls from the show!



That should do it for this week! We’d love to hear from you on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page! Give us a like, and follow us on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM. Snap us on Snapchat: Kenny.Jones & BigGingerFM! And you can always hit us up on the CONTACT US page too! Until next time, see ya!

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