During the press conference announcing his run at the Mayoralty of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Allan Vinni began telling the story of how he acquired the tie he was wearing. Which was gifted to him by Don Scott, who received it from the Prime Minister of Taiwan.

That’s when the casual racism came out…

“I guess Donny [Don Scott] was sitting next to the Prime Minister who took a shine to him as [Scott] told me and I guess when you’re kind of a rich person in the far east and you like somebody you give them a suit of your clothing, so he gave him an entire suit of his clothing, but it was too small to fit either him or I, because Asian people are sometimes on the shorter side“.

After Vinni’s press conference, someone found a few pieces of paper that make up the new poetry book he’s been working on, they brought it into the station.

It’s titled:

“Asian People are Sometime on the Shorter Side

Casual Racism Slam Poetry

– by Allan Vinni”

We read it on air, it’s a good laugh!

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Asian people are sometimes on the shorter side: Casual racism slam poetry

Originally Aired: July 14, 2017