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** Friday Funny **

Posted on by peter.potipcoe

Just a Friday funny to make you smile friends!



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** Daily Dose With Dr. Oz **

Posted on by peter.potipcoe





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* Throwback Thursday *

Posted on by peter.potipcoe

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Garth Brooks Admits He May Lip-Sync His ACMs Performance

Posted on by peter.potipcoe



When Garth Brooks plays the ACM Awards on Sunday, pay attention to his lips. In a pre-taped interview with SiriusXM airing today, Brooks admits that he’s recorded backup audio and may just mime the words. “Just in case we have to lip-sync, we taped a performance that was solely made for the awards show,“ Brooks reveals. “So we don’t know if we’re lip-syncing or not.“ He claims his voice may be burnt out after his five-night run of shows in Portland, Oregon, ends tomorrow. “If I know Portland, we’re not going to get out of here with anything,“ he says.



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Posted on by peter.potipcoe



First off let me start by saying thank you. Thank you thank you thank you!! When I heard on Monday morning at 5am that fires had taken the homes of families in our city I decided to put my usual morning show of jokes and opinions on hold and use the radio to help raise some money, clothes and donations for these families in our community.

I began by setting up a Go-Fund me account and opening up the phone lines to seek help. In return, you opened up your homes, wallets and hearts and gave back in a way I’ve never seen before.

I have lived across Canada doing radio now and I have to say this city has blown me away by its ability to band together in a tough situation. It didn’t matter where you were from or if you knew anything about the people you just did what was the right thing to do. You helped and asked HOW you can help. It was truly touching to watch over the past 2 days. The flood of donations and outreach has been witnessed by many news outlets across Canada and now many people have see that this city is full of beautiful hard working caring people from all over our country! I think that should be highlighted because all to often this place has a stigma around it that paints us in a bad light (I aim to change that as much as I can while I’m here) This is the kind of thing our city needs to be seen for. This is the kind of people that live and reside way up north to try and provide and work for their families. This is OUR home!!

Fort McMurray you raised a total of $43,800 for those families who literally escaped with the clothes on their back. Many of them have stopped by the station and shared some tears with me and have been left speechless. They are so blown away by this communities generosity that they can’t even speak. It has to be one of the saddest happiest things I have ever been part of.

Once again, thank you from myself and Country 93.3 for these unbelievable acts of kindness.

Do me one last favour. Share this post around if you are proud to live here and help me paint this city in the light it deserves.

Your loud Morning show host.

Pete Potipcoe

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Some photos of the horrible fire that ripped through Abasand this morning.

Posted on by peter.potipcoe



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Posted on by peter.potipcoe

Hey everyone, If you haven’t seen or heard yet there was a massive fire up in Abasand that has left at least 4 families homeless and in a very tough place. I have put my show on hold today to see how I can use the power of the radio to help.

If you have any thing to help these families out, I’ve opened the radio station as a headquarters here on Franklin across from the provincial building to drop off clothes or cash to help.

Since so many families have been affected I have setup a go-fund me page that we can use and split amongst everyone.

Please dig deep friends. Imagine this was your family and home?





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** Getting in touch whit our feminine side stage 3**

Posted on by peter.potipcoe

Well here is the finished product from learning about make up this morning.




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** Summer night ideas **

Posted on by peter.potipcoe


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Your Daily dose With Dr. Oz April 9th

Posted on by peter.potipcoe

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