This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday and Mike Jones is taking you on a journey through the past 150 years!!



“Our National Anthem”

  1. O Canada


“Coast to Coast”

  1. Hank Snow- I’ve Been Everywhere
  2. Great Big Sea- Sea Of No Cares


  1. Mike Plume – 8:30 Newfoundland (This Is Our Home)

Famous Canadians: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Styles
Nova Scotia

  1. Rita MacNeil- She’s Called Nova Scotia

Famous Canadians: Trailer Park Boys

  1. The Tragically Hip- Bobcaygeon


  1. Murray McLauchlan- Down By the Henry Moore


  1. Doc Walker- Heart of the Heartland

Famous Canadians: Burton Cummings

Famous Canadians: Leslie Nielsen

  1. Captain Tractor- The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

Famous Canadians: Terry & Deaner

  1. Paul Brandt- Alberta Bound
  2. WIlf Carter- Blue Canadian Rockies
  3. Becca Hess- Mountain Child


“Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

Famous Canadians: John Candy

  1. Corb Lund- The Truck Got Stuck
  2. Crystal Shawanda- Dawn Of A New Day
  3. Boom Chucka Boys- Turn This Car Around

Famous Canadians: Tommy Chong

  1. Duane Steele- Let’s Go For A Ride
  2. Hunter Brothers- El Dorado
  3. George Fox- Mustang Heart

Famous Canadians: LetterKenny

  1. Kira Isabella- Blame It On Your Truck
  2. Jimmy Rankin- Cool Car

Canadian Pick Up Lines

  1. Shane Yellowbird- Pick Up Truck

The Trans Canada Highway

  1. Rascal Flatts- Life Is A Highway
  2. Tenille- Halfway to Somewhere
  3. Willie Mack- Gotta Get Me A Cadillac
  4. Shantelle Davidson- Faster Now
  5. Beverly Mahood- Hope and Gasoline

Canadian Connections: Woodstock

  1. Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi
  2. Patricia Conroy- Bad Day For Trains

Famous Canadians: The Band

  1. Aaron Pritchett- The Weight


“Love Is A 4-Letter Word”

  1. Jesse Farrell- Let’s Talk About Love
  2. Adam Gregory- Only Know I Do
  3. David James- What If I Don’t
  4. Chris Cummings- Sure Enough

Famous Canadians: Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams “The Notebook”

  1. Sykamore- Better Half
  2. JoJo Mason- Good Kinda Love

Famous Canadians: James Cameron “Titanic”

  1. Sean Hogan- I’d Rather Have You
  2. Johnny Reid- Out of the Blue
  3. Hey Romeo- Searchin’ For You
  4. Twin Kennedy- It’s A Love Thing


“Drop the Puck”

Famous Hockey Calls

  1. Stompin’ Tom Connors – The Hockey Song
  2. Kory Wlos- Don’t Bug Me While The Hockey Games On

Famous Canadians: Don Cherry

  1. Brett Kissel- Canadian Kid
  2. Kathleen Edwards- Hockey Skates (Live)

LetterKenny Hockey Players

  1. Arrogant Worms- Me Like Hockey
  2. Tom Cochrane- Big League


“Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart”

  1. Autumn Hill- Blame

Famous Canadians: Ryan Reynolds

  1. Jann Arden- Insensitive

Famous Canadians: Chris Jericho

  1. Craig Moritz- Blame You
  2. Jaida Dreyer- Half Broke Horses
  3. John Landry- Bit By Bit
  4. Eric Ethridge- Liquors Calling the Shots
  5. The Rankin Family- I’m Movin’ On
  6. Lindsay Ell- Shut Me Up
  7. Anita Perras- One Smokey Rose
  8. Jesse Labelle- You Left Me
  9. Leah Daniels- Go Back

Famous Canadians: Wayne Gretzky “The Trade”

  1. Lindi Ortega- Ashes
  2. Tebey- Til It’s Gone
  3. Jesse Mast- Bad Blood
  4. Victoria Banks- I’m Gone


“Canadian Girls”

Famous Canadian Women

  1. Dean Brody- Canadian Girls
  2. Gord Bamford- Farm Girl Strong
  3. Andrew Hyatt- Me, A Girl and a Radio
  4. Jay Sparrow- All The Boys Want You
  5. Jaydee Bixby- Old Fashioned Girl
  6. Jordan McIntosh- All About the Girl
  7. Petric- It Girl
  8. The Stampeders- Sweet City Woman

Canadian Reality Shows

  1. Yoan- Good Hearted Woman (featuring Brett Kissel)

Ladies Turn

  1. Lace- I Want a Man
  2. Michelle Wright- Take It Like A Man
  3. Leaving Thomas- Waiting Kind of Girl
  4. Shania Twain- Any Man of Mine
  5. Tenille Arts- What He’s Into
  6. Terri Clark- Northern Girl


“I Remember The Music”

  1. Family Brown- Raised on Country Music

Halfway! Famous Canadian Concerts

  1. Dallas Smith- Cheap Seats

Famous Canadians: Paul Schaffer

  1. Thomas Wade- There’s a Song In There Somewhere
  2. Small Town Pistols- Blame It On the Radio

Famous Canadian DJs: Deadmau5, George Stromboulopoulos, Chris Sheppard

  1. Kenny Hess- Hello Mr. DJ
  2. Wes Mack- Our Soundtrack

Spotlight: Big Shiny Tunes

  1. Blackjack Billy- Run (featuring the Road Hammers & Doc Walker)


“If I Could Be Serious For A Moment”


  1. Madeline Merlo- War Paint
  2. Charlie Major- Can’t Happen To Me

Champions Spotlight: Joe Carter, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Georges St Pierre, Alex Bilodeau, Donovan Bailey

  1. The Abrams- Champion
  2. Emerson Drive- Moments

Canadians at the CMA Awards

  1. Kevin Davison- When The Sirens Are Gone
  2. Carolyn Dawn Johnson- Die Of A Broken Heart

Canadian Superheros: Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain Canuck, Superman

  1. Alee- Only the Strong Survive
  2. Blair Lane- My Whole World
  3. Blue Rodeo- Try

“The Highway of Heroes”

  1. The Trews- Highway of Heroes


“Keep It In the Family

  1. George Canyon- Just Like You

Famous Canadian Families: The Trudeaus, The Sutherlands

  1. The Higgins- Flower Child

Canadian Dreamers: Chris Hadfield, Cirque du Soleil

  1. Clayton Bellamy- Everyone’s A Dreamer

Famous Musical Families: Randy/Tal Bachman, The Rankins, The Wilkinsons

  1. The Wilkinsons- 26 Cents

Famous Canadians: Robert Munsch

  1. Drew Gregory- The Way I Was Raised

Famous Canadians: Lennon and Maisy

  1. The Stellas- In This House

Famous Canadians: Justin Bieber “An apology of sorts”

  1. Neil Young- Old Man


“The Weather is Changin’

Famous Canadians: Frankie MacDonald

  1. Ian Tyson- Four Strong Winds
  2. Gordon Lightfoot- Sun Down
  3. Chris Buck Band- Sun Set Down
  4. Prairie Oyster- Canadian Sunrise
  5. Chad Brownlee- Smoke In the Rain
  6. One More Girl- When It Ain’t Rainin’
  7. Runaway Angel- June

Famous Canadians: Rick Mercer

  1. Jason Benoit- Cold Day Coming
  2. Anne Murray- Snowbird


“Bow Chicka Wow Wow”

Famous Canadians: Mike Myers “Austin Powers”

  1. Meghan Patrick- Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Famous Canadians: Eugene Levy “American Pie”

  1. KD Lang- Constant Craving

Famous Canadians: Corner Gas

  1. Jess Moskaluke- Kiss Me Quiet
  2. Julian Austin- Little Ol’ Kisses

Famous Canadians: Alex Trebek

  1. Mackenzie Porter- Rodeo

Canadian company spotlight: Pornhub

  1. Leonard Cohen- Hallelujah
  2. Jamie Woodfin- Just Feels Right

Famous Canadians: Will Arnett, Michael Cera “Arrested Development”

  1. Reklaws- Kiss Kiss
  2. Chris Henderson- My Regret
  3. Friends of Jack- Cool Me Down
  4. Bobby Wills- Undressed (featuring Patricia Conroy)

Famous Canadians: Neil Peart

  1. Aaron Goodvin- Lonely Drum
  2. Steven Lee Olsen- Make Hay While the Sun Shines



Flashback: 1979

  1. Deric Ruttan- Main Street 1979

Flashback: 1987 “Edmonton Tornado”

  1. Tommy Hunter- Man of ‘87
  2. Jim Witter- One Hundred Years
  3. Tyler Whelan- Old School
  4. Gary Fjellgaard- Dance With This Old Cowboy

Famous Canadians: Michael J Fox “Back To the Future”


“Somewhere In the Country”

  1. The Road Hammers- Mud

Famous Fort McMurrayites

  1. Aaron Lines- Lights of My Hometown
  2. Cory Marquardt- Nowhere With You
  3. Brad Johner- The Farmer’s Back

Top Inappropriate Canadian City Names

  1. Cold Creek County- Our Town
  2. Jason McCoy- Born Again In Dixieland
  3. Dan Davidson- Found
  4. High Valley- County Line

Out for a Rip

  1. Lindsay Broughton- Take Me There
  2. River Town Saints- Bon Fire
  3. Livy Jeanne- Wrong Side of the Dirt
  4. Lovelocks- Home Sweet Home

Famous Canadians: The Red Green Show

  1. Tristan Horncastle- Recreation Land


“Let’s Just Drink”

Famous Canadians: Keanu Reeves

  1. Stronger Beer (Live)- Tim Hicks

Top Canadian Craft Beers

  1. Jake Matthews- Beer Necessities

Famous Canadians: Jim Carrey “The Mask”

  1. James Barker Band- Lawn Chair Lazy

Spotlight: Top Canadian Whiskeys

  1. Jessica Mitchell- Workin’ On Whiskey

Spotlight: Top Canadian Wines

  1. Lisa Brokop –Whiskey And Wine
  2. Jason Blaine- Friends of Mine

Famous Canadians: Matthew Perry “FRIENDS”

  1. Connor James- Hashtag Awesome

Top Canadian Hashtags

  1. The Dungarees- I’m Down
  2. The Washboard Union- Maybe It’s the Moonshine

Canadian Hangover Cures

  1. Trinity Bradshaw- Never Drinkin’ Again
  2. Jason Greeley- Wasn’t That a Party



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