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The Big Breakfast with Brad

LISTEN: Bitu-Man Theme Song

Originally Aired: August 9, 2018

Here’s the lyrics to the Bitu-Man Theme Song!

** To the tune of Spiderman **

Bitu-Man, Bitu-Man

Does whatever bitumen can                    

Builds a pipe, any size

Catches protests in the blink of an eye     

Look Out!                                                                

Here comes the Bitu-Man


Is he strong?                                                           

Listen bud,                  

He’s got oil in his blood

Can he lay pipe undetected?

Take a look underground

Hey, there         

There goes the Bitu-Man


In the chill of the night

At the scene of an outage.

Like a streak of light                                               

He arrives just in time.


Bitu-Man, Bitu-Man

Friendly oilsands Bitu-Man

Green Peace and Red Tape

He’s ignored                         

Market access is his reward


To him, the carbon tax is a big mess up   

Wherever there’s a pipeline  

You’ll find the Bitu-Man