Metallica performed a Countrified version of their “Kill ‘Em All” thrash metal track “The Four Horsemen” at their annual All Within My Hands helping hands festival which benefits various San Francisco area charities (where the band is from).

The song will appear on their upcoming live album “Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic” which as both a huge Metallica fan and a fan of acoustic interpretations of songs I can not wait for! I’ve always said James Hetfield would make a great Country singer. He’s got the look, accent and voice for it. Hell, even his name sounds Country. Hetfield just has that perfect outlaw country feel. He’s a big fan of many Country artists including Eric Church who he personally introduced when he played the bands inaugural Orion festival back in 2012. And come on folks, Mama Said from their 1997 album Reload is 100% a country jam