This is a pretty cute story. Fort McMurray’s Rylee Blundon and her family are Toronto Maple Leafs fans (we won’t hold it against them) and they travelled to Edmonton to catch the Leafs vs Oilers game on Saturday night at Rogers Place!

Rylee made a sign that said “Hey Marner I’ll Floss 4 Puck” and she held it up against the glass during warmups, he saw the sign, she flossed for him, and he tossed her a puck!

Had the chance to chat with her this morning, listen below:

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LISTEN: Maple Leaf Mitch Marner tosses a puck to McMurray's Rylee Blundon for a floss!

Originally Aired: Monday, Mar. 11, 2019

Kudos to Marner for making Rylee’s year, the entire thing was even caught on Hockey Night in Canada!