Today’s the day the Billboard Canada Country National Airplay weekly chart is updated with the new chart of the most played country songs in Canada. And there’s a new song at #1: Aaron Pritchett’s “Better When I Do.” The single is from the B.C.-based artist’s 9th studio album, “Out on the Town,” released earlier this year.

This is a career mile-marker for Aaron. Hard to believe, but it’s his first #1 hit on the national chart! Mind you, this chart only began in 2013 and Aaron’s radio career began 19 years ago this month. And it was 19 years ago that the RPM magazine weekly country singles chart stopped publication. For several years after, there really wasn’t a recognized national country chart and it’s most likely Pritchett would have hit the top spot several times…if there had been a chart back then.

But now it’s official. Aaron Pritchett has his first #1 hit! Congratulations, my friend!

While the achievement is both a professional and personal one for Aaron, it’s another important event in Canadian country music. It’s the fifth time this year a Canadian artist has topped the Canadian chart, which is usually dominated by Americans. Only last year had more Canadians at #1 – seven in total. And less than a third of the way through 2019, we’re already at five! Also remarkable – and a huge indicator on the state of new Canadian country music – is that four of the five artists who have reached the top spot this year, all have been newbies, experiencing their very first #1 hit (The Reklaws’ “Feels Like That,” Tenille Townes’ “Somebody’s Daughter,” Aaron Goodvin’s “You Are” and now Aaron). Dallas Smith is the only #1 Canadian artist this year to have been at the top before, having reached the top seven times, the most by a Canadian artist.

Looks like 2019 is on track to be a record-breaking and record-making year for Canadian country music artists on the chart!