Country star Walker Hayes started the Craig Fund based off his song!

The story is that Walker was down on his luck and his van got repossessed. With a big family it was hard to get around. He met a man named Craig that believed in Walkers dream of music and taking care of his family! So Craig gave him a van to help his family get around!

Now that Walker is a successful artist and songwriter, he started the Craig Fund to help others that are down on their luck!

Letters were submitted and Walker Hayes was able to help someone out!

Stephanie wrote an incredible letter about her friend Marquita who has an infectiously positive attitude despite several hardships she faces. We chose to help Marquita first. With YOUR Craig fund were able to give her a car. This whole chain of events made me smile and made me cry. I am so honored to be a small part of this

How can you be a Craig today?

~ Ryan

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