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LISTEN: Challenger Baseball opens doors for local special needs kids!

Originally Aired: Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2019

There isn’t much to offer special needs kids when it comes to athletics or sports programs in Fort McMurray, that’s the unfortunate reality of living in a remote, northern, smaller town, but that’s changing.

Fort McMurray Minor Baseball President Kevin Breen and local parent Barb Fitzpatrick put on the first ever session of “Challenger Baseball” in Fort McMurray on Monday. It featured over 40 kids taking part in the program that pairs special needs kids with players from the regular stream.


The buddy system allows the experienced ball players to teach their new friends all about the game in a controlled environment.

Barb joined the Big Breakfast to talk about the first session and the program as a whole.

We absolutely love this!

If you want more info, join the Challenger Baseball Fort McMurray Facebook Group!

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