Probably not. Sure Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton have a song out called “Dive Bar.” And Gord’s single, “Dive Bar,” was released last year (although it is a different song). Sure Garth is planning a limited “dive bar” tour. And Gord already did one. Actually, two years ago, Gord asked me for my opinion on his idea of doing such a tour. Gord has the right attitude about all this. He looks at it as validation for what he’s doing, especially if a megastar like Garth is doing it, too.

Gord and I discussed this yesterday during a phone interview.  We also we talked about his new single – his first single this year – “#Rednek.” Before officially going to radio, the song was getting hundreds of thousands of spins and downloads on the various music delivery platforms, a sure sign he had another hit on his hands to add to his incredible discography. And Bamford’s performed the new song a few times in concert this year with plans to add it to his set list at upcoming shows including the 30th anniversary of the Havelock Country Jamboree next month and his return after five years to the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show in Simcoe this October.

(Gord Bamford during a soundcheck)

“#Rednek” is the result of another collaboration with American artist and songwriter Buddy Owens. Buddy helped contribute eight eight songs on Gord’s last album. Their partnership began by costing Bamford $100. Gord, a huge Merle Haggard fan, heard Buddy singing a Hag song in a bar and tipped Owens $100 just to get up and sing with him. That’s how their very productive relationship began.

(Gord with songwriter Buddy Owens)

As for the dive bar coincidence, Gord’s not really concerned about it. It’s a minor distraction for what Gord has planned in the long run: a possible tour concentrating on the eastern side of the country, picking more singles to release from the 35 or so songs that have been recorded, and a new album that probably won’t get into the public’s hands (and ears) until after next year’s Canadian Country Music Awards. That’s right. Not this year’s, but next year’s.

One thing I’ve learned about Gord Bamford is that he’s a man with a plan…a longterm plan.  And it’s worked pretty good for him.

Listen to the full interview below: