Dean Brody releases his new single today, “Black Sheep.” The title song of his latest EP (his seventh album for those keeping count) was inspired by personal experience. In this case, Dean, with help from co-writer Matt Rovey, mined his memories of his decision to pursue a music career.

Dedicated to those who go against the grain, Dean says, “I wrote it and I loved it. I just didn’t know if the general public would like it or if it’s something that was just resonating with me, but I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s their favourite tune.” The new single speaks to outsiders, Dean adds. “I think we all just feel a little bit of an outsider at some point in our life….At every point in someone’s life, you feel a bit misunderstood or on your own.” Hitting the theme of striking out on his own (or for the listener, striking out on your own), a line in the chorus really jumps out, expressing a desire to not go too far: “hoping I ain’t too damn lost to be found.”

The “Black Sheep” six-song EP was released digitally back in April, with physical copies to be released next week.

Dean’s schedule this fall is a busy one. After performing at next month’s Canadian Country Music Awards TV show, he’ll hit the road a couple of weeks later with the show’s co-host, Dallas Smith, for their “Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone Tour,” a play on a song Dallas and Dean have recorded with MacKenzie Porter, a tour mate. With MacKenzie also slated to perform on the awards show, don’t be surprised if all three join together to do the song.