Back to School Reinforcement


Do you ALWAYS follow the rules when you’re on the road? Especially in school zones? Then it’s about time you got rewarded for it!

On September 12th, we’re partnering up with the RCMP, the Fort McMurray Public School District and Cougar Fuels, to positively reinforce good behaviour on the roads.

If you’re busted for OBEYING traffic rules, the RCMP could flag you down so that the hosts of Country 93.3 can give you a well deserved reward- a Cougar Fuels gift card!

Now that school season is back, we want to ensure that everyone is alert and aware in designated school zones, while also giving back to the community who contributes to its safety.

Keep an eye out for the RCMP and the hosts of Country 93.3 on the morning of September 12th!

Proudly sponsored by Cougar Fuels in partnership with Country 93.3

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