igNITE Art Illuminated: GINORMOUS!


Sep 27 - Oct 6


igNIGHT is a temporary public art exhibition aimed at invigorating park spaces and stimulating the downtown core in ways that excite the public and engage visitors.

This year, igNIGHT will be showcased in the following areas: McMurray Experience & Jubilee Plaza, Snye Point Park, Lions Park and Poplar Crescent Park.

Each evening, igNIGHT will host specialized bus tours giving the rider a deeper understanding of each artwork. On select nights, feature performances will be showcased that enhance the overall experience.

The Public Art Committee is pleased to present the massive theme for this year: /J?-?N?R-M?S/ GINORMOUS!

First popularized by the military in the 1940s, the slang term, GINORMOUS, was created by merging the words giant and enormous to describe something as “extremely large”.

Inspired by the region of Wood Buffalo and its reputation for large scale living, the term ginormous can be applied to many facets of living in this northern community. From its vast landscape and extensive natural resources, to its massive trucks and generous people, Wood Buffalo is a place that embodies the magnitude of this word.

Projects will be exhibited in any form, and occurs from 7 pm to 10 pm for the duration of the 10-day exhibition.

Reserve your spot on the igNIGHT tour bus now by clicking HERE!



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