The Mayor of Taft, a small oil-producing town in California gives Green Peace activists a bit of a schooling on the economy, the environment and life in general.

A blimp, powered by petroleum protesting oil. Imagine.

Watch the dressing down below:

Greenpeace Blimp Comes to Taft, Mayor Noerr Schools Anti-Oil Activist on Oil and Gas IndustryBy Michael Long, PublisherTaft IndependentTaft Mayor Dave Noerr stopped by a Green Peace protest blimp that appeared at the Taft airport this morning and discussed the anti-oil activist protest against Governor Jerry Brown's silence on oil production in California. The protestors were quite taken by Noerr's precise comments in the friendly exchange of views on how important the oil and gas industry in California is to the local economy, stating that no school, government or government program goes without funding from the industry. The activist said that they were there to protest the Governor's silence on oil and gas roduction in important future state regulations, that would end oil and gas prodution in the state. She stressed that Green Peace wants to ensure a smooth transition from oil dependency to non-fossil fuel power and a more environmentally sensitive aproach to energy generation, and a sensitive way to transform oil industry workers to other sources of employment.

Posted by Taft Independent Newspaper on Monday, July 30, 2018