The Big Breakfast with Brad

Weekday Mornings from 6am-10am
Wake up weekday mornings with Brad, Jenna in the newsroom and Brad's mom on the phone! Sponsored by:

Brendan Seeley

Weekdays 10am-3pm
Join Brendan Seeley weekdays 10a-3p!

Girl Power Hour

Highlighting the females in country music!

The Afternoon Show with Mike Jones

Weekday Afternoons 3pm- 7pm
Enjoy your afternoons with Mike Jones!


Monday to Friday 7pm-11pm
Care has a unique take on things and you can hear it weekdays from 7p to 11p!

Banks of Newfoundland

Saturday 9:00am-10:00am and Sunday 8am-9am
The best down-home music show on or off the rock. Your host Bill Bartlett weaves a classic selection of Newfoundland artists, including some from right here in Fort McMurray!

Bobby Bones Countdown

Saturdays 1pm-5pm and Sundays 2pm-6pm
Bobby is an internationally syndicated country morning show host that delivers a plugged in, contemporary country music show. His top 30 countdown airs weekends on Country 93.3...with all of today's best country hits!

Canadian Country Countdown with Boomer & Dips

Saturday 5p-7p and Sunday 12p-2p
Join BOOMER & DIPS for a Countdown as Canadian as Hockey and Tims, eh! Featuring Canadian country artists with interviews, flashbacks, and special live performances while counting down Canada’s biggest country songs of the week.

Country Classics Show with Nan

Sunday 9am-12pm
Travel back to the good ol’ days and hear the best in country classics every Sunday with Nan on Country 93.3!